Salt and Pepper Mill Sets

Zaica Life

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Experience our wonderful salt and pepper sets, freshly ground to your liking with our glass and ceramic mills accented with a 24k gold Z printed in Upstate New York and fired in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Perfect as a gift!

Choose from (Left to Right):

  • Sri Lankan Black Pepper - this spicy black pepper comes from the island of Sri Lanka, smells like the ocean, and will dance across your tongue when used in a dish.
  • Hawaiian Silver Sea Salt - hailing from the same island as our lemon sea salt, this is the pure salt, strikingly white and great for finishing any dish.
  • South Indian Black Pepper - this mild black pepper has a wonderful fruity and floral aroma that pairs well in almost any dish you can imagine.
  • Hawaiian Lemon Sea Salt - this lemon-infused finishing salt is perfect on pretty much anything you can think of. At the office we've been putting this on everything from fish to cake, watermelon and more.